Fire Safety Tips


  • Plan for a safe refuge in case you cannot escape from the house. This is a room where all of the family can gather to wait to be rescued. Take the following precautions:
  • Make sure there is a phone in the room to call for help
  • Try to have a room with a window so you can either escape or call out for help (stay by the window)
  • Close the door and seal the bottom with towels or blankets to stop harmful smoke entering
  • Call the emergency services
  • Dial 999 or 112
  • Tell the operator what service you require.
  • Speak calmly and clearly giving the address of the fire and your phone number. (If using a mobile phone the operator may ask what county you are in)
  • Only hang up when the operator tells you to


  • Re-enter a burning house for personal items
  • Borrow batteries from the Smoke Alarm
  • Have mirrors over fireplaces with real fires

More Fire Safety Tips

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