Facts on Smoke Alarms

  1. On average 39 people die in fires nationally every year. Tragically most of these deaths could have been prevented if a working smoke alarm had been present in the home.

  3. A national survey, carried out recently, on smoke alarm ownership found that there are over 300,000 households who do not have any smoke alarms installed!

  5. Smoke Alarms do not “prevent” fires!

  7. Most fires happen at night when people are asleep and smoke does not always wake people up but can actually put them into a deeper sleep.

  9. Smoke Alarms do not “put out” fires!

  11. Smoke inhalation, not heat or flames, causes the majority of fire deaths and the smoke given off by some furnishing materials can kill very quickly.

  13. 10 year smoke alarms are available as ionisation or optical alarms and are fitted with a long life lithium battery or a sealed power pack that lasts for 10 years.

Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage